Sabai Sabai means "relaxed and comfortable".

                This is how we want you to feel at our restaurant.              

Are you ready for delicious Thai food in a relaxed and friendly style?  Eat in or take out.  Call ahead or show up. Sabai Sabai is the way of life on the beach.  It's a state of mind.  It's a mental vacation.  It's your tummy when it's happy.  It's the feeling you get when you come into our restaurant and taste our food.  We know that good Thai food can be hard to find outside of Thailand.  "Chef Simon" brings you the best of Thailand.  Some traditional dishes.  Some things you might be surprised to find here.  We want to make your experience at Sabai Sabai the next best thing to visiting Thailand. Explore our photograph collections of city and rural life in the Kingdom of Thailand. You may find our Chef and his family in some of the pictures! Listen to Thai country music and videos.  Coloring and games available for restless and creative minds. Come, relax, enjoy! We look forward to seeing you soon!